A live stream docu-theatre experience that takes you into the heart of individual Hungarians' sense of personal story.

Scallabouche Theatre and film maker Csongor Dombovari have spent the last 9 months researching this topic by getting individuals and groups to spontaneously create stories. In this 40 minute long live docu-theatre show you can experience some of the typical storytelling journeys we took people on and watch a syntheses of some of the stories we filmed and the locations we filmed them in.

The question we wanted to explore was; Are we all somehow connected in a collective subconscious experience that influences our creativity and sense of personal story or are we individuals freely creating? By the end you will have a glimpse of how burdened we may be, either as visitors, or people who were born and bred in Hungary, by the symbols and myths of Hungarian History and Society. Or may be how lost and alone we are in our own stories and as in the words of Elemer Hankiss; at what point does creativity really help the mask drop and realise that “moment of oscillation”.

Conceived by Alexis Latham
Created by Alexis Latham and Csongor Dombovári
Filming by Csongor Dombovári and Kővári Panka
Music by Darvas Kristóf
Dramaturg Garai Judit
Consultation by Almási Réka
Production Assistant: Stefán Gréta

Support by NKA.

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Tales From Hungary - Are we Really Free?

A live stream docu-theatre expreience that takes you into the heart of individuals Hungarians' sense of personal story. Tickets: https://jegyx1.hu/eloadas/480/tales-from-hungary

Közzétette: TRIP – 2020. április 23., csütörtök