Have you ever wondered how Hungarian poets love?

Owen Good, Alexis Latham, Roderick HillRead by
Merker VeraEdited by

The First Hungarian Quarantine-Theatre presents: The way we Love-Hungarian literature of love.
In the next chapter of our experiment of bringing our Hungarian culture closer to anyone, we present some of the most beautifully written, mostly contemporary art works. We will suffer together, sigh together, cry together, laugh together, and we will try to understand the meaning of love, in every possible layers.

The poets:
Péter Esterházy
János Szentmártoni
Margit Szécsi
György Rostás-Farkas
Tibor Babiczky
András Gerevich
Márton Simon
Zsuzsanna Takács
János Áfra
Péter Závada
Judit Ágnes Kiss


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