Improvised scenes based on Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage.

MarianneLáng Annamária
JohanSimon Zoltán
PaulaGeorgita-Tenki Dalma
HenrikRába Roland
ConsultantDivinyi Réka
CameramanNémeth Kornél
MusicVranik Krisztián
DirectorMagács László

Filmed with a single camera, the actors perform improvised scenes inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s drama, Scenes from a Marriage. We catch a glimpse into Johan and Marianne’s daily life – we see as they struggle with each other and themselves, with loneliness and isolation. How does quarantine affect two people during a pandemic?

This webseries is looking for answers to questions like: Can we find and fall in love with each other during hard times? How can we help ourselves and others? What does it mean to belong with somebody? Where is our home? And beside whom? What does unity and solidarity mean?

Episodes available with English subtitles.